Our Vision

Divine School will be the center of innovation and learning institute, providing the best learning environment to the individual students for better future of all living beings.

Our Mission

The mission of our school is:

To provide conducive environment for students to reach their maximum inner potential.

To develop problem solving skills and the ability to lead a successful life in this challenging world.

Values of our school

Ø  Teamwork

Ø  Responsibility

Ø  Resilience

Ø  Compassion

Ø  Respect

Ø  Excellence


Our main objective is to provide all kind of opportunities to bring out the genius inherent to each individual.

Ø  To provide a proper atmosphere for children to socialize in,

Ø  To provide a safe, secure, stimulating and challenging environment that is conducive to the development of healthy and happy children,

Ø  To promote team spirit through game and social work,

Ø  To help our children become self-confident and develop their self-respect,

To focus on construction of knowledge through experiential and problem solving methods of learning.

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